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Green Eggs

she flicks a crackling orange tip
careless eyes gloss over
with sucking blue leisure
spirit-fumes waft airborne
tendrils from a two-fingered draw
exhaling through pursed lips
the aroma of a thoughtless meditation
symbol of a shared peace
the ritual of letting down
last rite before a firing squad
truce from the pace


the target of a new prohibition
saying, danger, danger
ban the weed
what about life?
what about —choice?
outlaw it all? — laws for everything?
the real addiction is to power
pretentious power brokers
yapping moralists want to choose for us
demand compliance
—but it is a lie
a sham to raise the price
big bad weed
now five dollars a pack
is big brew next?
Dr. Seuss books can now sell
for a thousand bucks
on eBay

© –Limericist 2008

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