Tuning In

05 Mar

to want to
be a sign-board
sandwiched between
soapbox points of view;
ugly, of a wrong energy
& malignant
a megaphone
announcing how to
live your life like mine with
a hidden agenda of personal
gratification, grandeur, and glory
that only just wanted to be the first,
one-up on everybody else, know it all,
(((((((((()))))))))))))) I noticed (((((((((())))
I was really only trying to convince
myself, to cover over my insecurity
of what I desperately wanted to
believe, and yet harbored
hidden doubts
now, I
that I don’t need
to prove anything to
anyone. My heart is solid
even though there is the
the possibility that I may
be honestly mistaken.
After all, I can only
possess sets of
on the
data of my experience;
my personal choices of what
I think I see and feel. No longer
the ‘either-or’ sterile Cold War,
a paradigm of competition that
engendered a closed-minded
domination, but the dignity
to think open and free,
first for me, and also
for those who

© –Limericist 2009

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