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Music Street Mob

Rowdy trees roar their greens
intoxicated on the earth-star rays,
greening Hulks who flourish on radiation
giants, who greedily guzzle rainwater
sucking it up into their rooted matrix
making their rebellious cheeks thrive

I saw those leafy mops today
thrown side to side in wild self-assertion
declaring, We are the real survivors-
you pipsqueaks have menaced us
with your axes & saws,
but we will persist when you terminate
yourselves, extinct

notably those on Music Street
who refuse a trim and stand akimbo
fondling each other in reckless public display
& complete skewed disregard–
as I neared the unruly gathering,
I could feel them scowl
passing beneath their looming knotted stares,
and have to admit,
I admire them for their wooden resolve


© –Limericist 2010

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