Face Reading

05 Mar

What do I read in her face?
she loves to invade my space
Her name means a warrior
carries herself so superior
her features are long and erotic,
masked, and somewhat hypnotic,
her feminine mystique is despotic.
nose, worn so haughtily,
cruel lips painted bloody,
her ugly beauty smeared naughtily
Her emotions, flooding:
–with thwarted desires
–snuffing flash fires
she displays severe damage
dark gypsy eyes without age,
smeared foxy with camouflage.
shadowed with chalky rouge
here, there is rage–rage–rage…
lines cut her forehead high,
scar her disarming style
she gives a disgusted sigh
I would love to massage her face awhile
her face, my blind hands to feel–
find beneath, her genuine tender smile
but her saber teeth would bite,
no doubt,
her contemptuous pout,
me, her tall whites would flout,
she hates her hair plain straight
and split-ends make her irate
of what others think,
she’s not amused,
I like her hair,
she’s tangled and confused.
And so from her face,
I can’t really tell
is she a victim?
–or victimizer from hell?
by her face,
I may know thereof,
I think I’m in love.


© –Limericist 2010

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