03 Mar

At an intense point of indigestion
lived-out fore the eyes blinked twice
as the way with every accidental
pushed it in, then, a surprise

choice –always comes around
a fertile egg, an active spout
believed a lie –a lie went down
desire wrote a narrow pout

connection stung the Kelly-clown
reflecting now, a dejected frown
parched shores of Titicaca struck
swirling, swirling, in the muck

of prickly –prickly pears, prickly pears–
courage never grasped within
for things fall apart; the origin
of the barren soul, it bares

Lust crusts a wanton bottom
since what can nevermore disclose
of whence rejection finds a home
void of heaven and untold–

World! So repellent! so blind!
–when the witch had us plead,
of genuflection –repent
of droning poetry –wrote and read

whose worn-out pistils, wilted, stained
from the sawing friction of the crowd
swollen with cold, bitter dread
the future of the reckless proud

Deceive one’s self, this most attempt
to clean up nitwit ghosts,
rebellious pasts– stacked beer cans
a zombie-like docile dance

no escape from basic instincts
travel that gravy-train disgraced,
melodramatic Zeppelin staircase–
Fair? –What do you think? –Thanks.


Limericist 2006

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