02 Mar

So smug, so sure, so angry,
These academic pin-heads
Ivy-League bull-sitters,
Stir the pot for twitter attention
Sell their books, NY Time’s bestsellers
“It must be factual. It’s so scholarly.”
Say, history must be retold by them.
After all, Google-heads know more–
Right? Well, actually… Not.
Bloodshot vestigial eyes
Smoking their hubris crack pipes,
They claim their vision is 20-20
Through their Vuemaster skeleton-lenses
Video game tunnel-visors
Make up their ethical standards–
To support their grape propaganda.
Multiply lying books– Agenda laden
Like maggot swarms
Slithering into naive eye-sockets
Refloating worn-out, lame
Marxist claptrap
Throw in a little Nietzsche, some
Philosophical opioid nihilism
Inject raw, like heroin, turning
The youth into Pavlovian robots,
“Believers in god are to blame.”
Repeating their mantra:
–Society is privileged
–Capitalist pigs
Yet those who spout this drivel,
Own designer everything and love bling,
Hate the elite class while being aristocrats,
autocratic virtue-signallers
Being God-hating privileged, bigoted, and capitalists.
So, tell us, saviors, we need to know.
Why would anyone want to be redeemed–
Into your ignorant –hypocritical nightmare?

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Posted by on March 2, 2021 in Poetry


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