Hodgkinson’s Uncommon Sense Maxims

01 Mar

“It is more trouble to make a maxim than it is to do right.” –Mark Twain

All means of contact
cannot mend a broken relationship
until we restore connection within.

All alienation from others
begins as estrangement
from certain aspects of ourselves.

All ties to others are a projection
of our relation to ourselves.

To love our neighbor
as ourself presupposes that
we love ourselves.

Love our neighbors as if
they are us.
“Treat others as we would want
others to behave toward us.”
Why? There is no other
way to love ourselves genuinely.

To “love God with all our heart,
soul, mind, and strength” is
to gift ourselves
with the highest honor.

Because who are we
if not, first of all,
a representation of the Creator?
Therefore, to honor our Source
is to honor ourselves.

–Limericist 2008


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