28 Feb

The doctrine of the Manichees
turns soft neural tissues
to split-pea soup in hot skull bowls.

This teaching inspires
religious-political devotees
to love hatred and seek fake justice–

The doctrine requires
a Star Wars “Evil Empire.”
A grim villain who will lung-breathe
on hackled necks, fomenting the masses
into a mad frenzy.

They must eliminate
the demonized
until their angry faces
contort, multiply,
and convert warty

Nevertheless, here is a question:
If someone hates a hater,
are they a tater?
Is hatred the way to the light?
Not according to Obi-Wan.

They believe they are the enlightened,
the good-guys, right?
Alternatively, good-gals, bis, LGs –ad infinitum,
Being binary is old-hat. Non-binary is in style,
enforcing another binary dualism.
(Mani, be praised!)

*(Needed for their narrative-creating propaganda):
“Really really” bad actors, –or let’s
build them, theme them,
from the whole dark fabric
of a spun incanted rhetoric that
demands one over the other–
with no in-between, no mixture,
no mercy or forgiveness.

–no critical thinking allowed
it may disenfranchise someone–
the debate is forbidden
someone may have to admit
that they have acted like
hive-minded clones:

Then, Yoda
might embrace the dark side,
Darth may become a loving parent,
and Chuck may leave the Delta Force
to become a communist–

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