Traveling Mercies

26 Feb

The road ahead divides
into a many-headed hydra
with each long neck coiled
as if to strike imminent doom.
At the forks,
a knight atop his steed
weighs his journey.

Each path demands a decision
to navigate their circuitous route.
If any are to reach
their holy grail, they must
throw caution aside. To obtain
their desire,
their dream,
or their nightmare–
one must risk everything.

We have often set ourselves up
for our own destruction
hid in the guise
of some pleasurable goal,
only to discover the ill-fated quest
was to become our greatest folly.
Nevertheless, our many errors
are often overruled
by the grace
of an overshadowing providence.

One watches over us.
The destroyer loves to destroy,
but One cares to protect us.
May our Protector prevail!

Has grace, mercy, and forgiveness run dry?
Human to human, it may seem so,
but the compassionate Presence
is with those
who seek and dare.

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Posted by on February 26, 2021 in Poetry


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