23 Feb

Seated still,
change is speeding up
now I see light
an alien grimaces back in my bathroom mirror
every day, I think I’ll capture my story
from the coasts
of personal and private,
woven points of light and dark
but still, I can not,
meantime, I AM
cycling a scrambler in and out
where no “here is me” can be determined,  
but a fanning multi-me

our ball travels
a billion-mile oval
around a gas giant
fusion-light succeeds us constantly
with unstable currencies.
The traditional
cannot sustain holding on
eject, or else
there is zip not
Milky Way

At lightspeed,
I remain frozen,
a snapshot of history
fixed coincident with nevermore.
Galileo and Newton were correct,
our satellite is clipping along
faster than any human-made rocket,
and I am obliged
to void.



Limericist 2007/2021

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Posted by on February 23, 2021 in Poetry



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