Do Not Forget To Flush

22 Feb

By Brian Hodgkinson Jr.

Imagine one could dump
the “what-ifs” into the toilet,
then flush all of it
to swirling oblivion.

The evening news,
the internet,
the persistent messages,
bombard the mind with enough explosive
impact to cause shell-shock.

We hunker down,
wait for one ugly thing
to resolve,
then the news flashes again,
“What if the next is worse?”

What if
those in charge of dealing out the”what-ifs,”
want to grip us in suspense
for their ratings?
What if they are not honest players?

What if something
nefarious is afoot
by those who deem themselves
the information brokers of the world?
Nevertheless, we do not know.
We cannot know for sure.

Do we need to know?
Yes, and no.

A good measure of it
may need
to be flushed.


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