College Contemporary Ethics Class

18 Feb

Shuffle in lugging, Go to the back
In this damn room again – so drab
The decor is frontal-lobotomies
Yellow painted cinder-block, Walls
Conduct the outdoor chill into me
1950’s rowed desks contort to fit
Instruments of cruel endurance
Under quarter inch vinyl pads,
riveted steel – a cold path up
Some nostriled grunge drips out –
Smear it, paint back of index finger
Human sounds, as she lectures
Throats clear, snorts, “CHOO, ackChoo!!!”
Pause, and chorused “Bless you.”
prof drones, OMMMM, blah blah blah, White-
Sound, face melts into -hand, fluttering
5:20 PM , 50 minutes – – – – –
Twitching, rocking, side to side –
Left cheek, right cheek, numb fire
Bladder whines. Urine-color wall reminds
Wall-littered, like dead leaves, old papers
Maps, Play-Doh green chalkboard -Smudges
Tiled students, droop-eyed faces face front
Stare mesmerized, dead-fish puckered looks
Droolers, bobbers, pretenders, raise -hands
I lounge deeper. Low flatus begun
Squeeze a slow-release, “preeep.”
Oops, petite, but frowned looks …chortles.
Have to play a mind game or fall down dumb
so, look around. “She’s hot, she’s not…”
Ew, that puke-green scarf in plaid…
While Buddha Dave behind me
Sits silent, cross-armed
Paragon of bored silence.


Limericist 2007

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