Fig Newton

16 Feb


The intelligence briefings are already in.
There was a plan—a grand scheme.
It all began on this wise.
Mathematicians can never capture a point.
A point is a postulate. Unseen but counted.
A plane must have three to be.
A line has two. Absolutes rule, linear.
The sweep of existence is a sleight of hand.
Those who say there are no absolutes use them,
yet claim there are no absolutes, none.
So intelligence came out of chaos. Is that right?
The purpose came out of an accident. Correct?
Well, we can’t see it. We can’t count on it–
they reason. Therefore–
Bu-bye physics.
Experts say that eighty percent of matter is dark.
Let us use our gray.
Newton thought so too.
He used his model of the solar system to show.
Another expert asked, who made this?
Newton said, no one.
He was making a funny.


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