Symbiotic Spring

15 Feb


a lone baby Tommie crocus
greets the sun with its child’s song
lavender mouth wide to drink
the morning
with a golden tongue

by it, a crinkled old oak leaf rests
weathered, and in the process of turning into
the soil– could barely hear
the infant’s silent song:
“the light is now part of me,
I am new and wonderful–“

the decomposing leaf asked, “what about me?”
looking down, the arrogant tot
said, “you are drab and lifeless,
what have I to do with you?”
“ah,” said the desiccated one, “you’ve been born
on the back of my fallen companions
affording your new life with nutriment
& we, too, once waved the light,”

realizing symbiosis,
the earth-child nodded affectionately
toward the elder below
and watched as it dissolved
back to mother.


Copyright – Brian Hodgkinson Jr., 2007

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Posted by on February 15, 2021 in Poetry



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