Punched Punches

10 Feb


this marine came from a long line of them
you know the ones flying the –don’t tread on me
claim that they never start it but proudly finish it
they like to say –don’t get my nationality up
as if that should frighten the bejesus out of you
they say –I’m a counterpuncher, watch out
yeah, I know, tell me about it –fraudulent
I know from personal experience, tried that
squirt, the bully name-called me
so I decided I’d break their nose first
wham, when I got cornered -this tactic stunk
why? because I broke way too many noses
and mine broken many times too
all abusers got abused first and justified
being hurtful to others, excusing themselves
if you dig deep enough, everyone has a story
told –take it on the chin –stiff upper lip
–don’t be a sissy –you got to get tough
we didn’t –just hid behind our scarred masks
something crosses our will; we get cross
words fly like patriot missiles, unfriendly fire
changing brothers and sisters into enemies
after all, the rage is justified –is that so?
–so, fighting fire with fire is workable in ’21?
How about spritzing some gas on it too?
–hatred must be snuffed by hating –correct?
yeah, get your nationality, color, whatever, up
–after all, they did it first
wait just a doggone minute


Limericist 2021

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Posted by on February 10, 2021 in About Me, Essays, Poetry


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