At the Top

10 Feb


angel –who wings my sun
princess –whose equal is none
my heart –mingling my blood
grace –saves me from the flood
I wish you would stay with me a while
I would soothe the worry from your smile
frolic again in the forest of our dreams
play with you in cooling streams
there is a place only you and I know
hidden where children only can go
found our love there under a tree
danced and rollicked –together free
picking flowers –woven into our hair
kissing –made love, without a care
fantasy deceived us –lost our way
forgot innocence –of how to play
tumbling down –broke our crown
smiles turned ugly –an angry frown

once upon a time, the two shared a vision
but darkness confused with mocking derision
they were scared, both ran away
searching for others with whom to play

felt very lost, but cherished their day
when in an autumn meadow, learned to play
their intrigue no other could ever replace
found their pure souls in each other’s face
the gate, re-entered at the top of the wood
before each other –naked, they stood
their intimacy always ever the same
to imagine as beloved children
without any shame


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