In This Together

04 Feb


We don’t have many answers
to how we should go on.
Foundations we once trusted,
not fit to stay upon.

Don’t want condescension,
cheap answers in the face,
but value understanding
as we navigate this place.

We live with many seasons,
some violent will assault
of happy, sad, life, and death–
and these are not our fault.

But instead, how we view them
as intruders, or as friends
though morphing into different shapes,
outlook affects our ends.

Negative can seem positive
and good can seem as bad,
but at times, we wish it all would stop,
return to what we had.

But every living creature
must go through pains of change
or be stuck in stuntedness,
averse to rearrange.

When people come together
share in unity as one,
relationships begin to form
adjustments can be fun.

But often, there’s a ripping
of old habits hard to kill
as stubborn wills collide and clash
against the window sill.

A dance must then transpire
a flow of “give and take,”
or the link will tear apart,
which selfishness will break.

If humble preparation
allows dignity in both,
there’s always an opportunity
to see amazing growth

and life will blossom fresh and bright
with possibilities,
as human friends go forward
to flourish with the trees.

Limericist 2007

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