Fall On Me

04 Feb

What I recount here wasn’t a dream
Clouds cracked open a spotlight sunbeam.
Pinpointed on me, whose mind was in sorrow.
I desperately needed a job by tomorrow.
At the end of my rope by the cold reality,
our dwindling supplies were depending on me.
Stranded in Hawaii, before traveling the earth,
We went there for training to share the new birth.
Sold everything we owned, flew as a family.
To chase our vision, or crash and burn it would be.
In my young childhood—many dreams I was given,
My desire to explore, I knew, was of Heaven.
And now, there we were with our outlook bright,
But under a glowering sky, in a hopeless night,
I prepared to eject–panic filled my heart.
But just then, the storm clouds began to part.
I had just said to God, “Well, I guess this is it.”
“But even so, thank you, the experience was great.”
Five minutes before that, I was drenching wet.
A monsoon downpour had dumped on my head.
I might as well had taken a swim in my clothes.
Water flowed down from my head to my toes.
Looking for employment, I was walking on foot.
Now wet to the gills, opportunity seemed kaput.
I wondered if things could worsen much more.
Prospects for my providing had grown very poor.
My silly self-pity tempted me to whine.
Instead, I looked up and smiled at the sky.
What happened is hard for me to explain.
The clouds parted open, just after the rain.
A beam fell on me as if it were aimed.
Our family that day was fully sustained.
A series of miracles full burst on the scene.
Trusting in God’s love, our victory has been.

Brian Hodgkinson Jr. 2021

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