He’s Not a Religion

03 Feb

When I was in the USMC, I managed to get myself mixed up in a ton of mischief. My life was a mess. One night, I called upon Jesus as a last-ditch attempt to get my life back on track. I got much more than I bargained for. I wrote the first part of this rhyming verse about two months after my discharge while working the 3rd shift at a gas station. My head still looked like a Marine’s, I was almost broke, I seemed to have few prospects for the future, but I was happy because I knew the Secret. People kept saying, “He’s got religion now, he’s no fun.” They were entirely wrong. Religion has never been a friend of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t live in buildings made of brick and mortar with fine little crosses on top. He lives in flesh and blood people, ANYONE who will welcome Him to do so.

He’s Not a Religion

What can we do to deserve God’s blessing?
We boggle the mind by so much guessing.
We can’t do a thing to earn God’s love.
Neither finesse the Father above.

Jesus, the answer, which so many seek.
God’s love-gift is Jesus. His plan is unique.
The meaning of life is in his eyes,
a Gift for us all, of infinite size.

We receive God’s Gift when we call on his name.
Jesus of Nazareth is ever the same.
Put our trust in the Son, and surely we’ll see.
The surge of new life will set us free.

He’s not a “religion” with laws to obey,
no dos and don’ts to tarnish the day.
He’s a personal Friend who will capture your heart.
With Him, every day is a brand-new start.

Brian Hodgkinson Jr. – 1976/2021

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