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Vice Grips

Regrets pierce, nerves scream their needles poke voodoo-like. The muscle pumps erratic, shattered, numbed. Defibrillate again to feel one excruciating wish.

Leakage from unhealed rips. Shock and awe overcome. Instant replay replays again. The prognosis? I don’t accept it. He-said, she-said guide the insane scalpel.

Drained, I sink. Mortal, I die. Futile efforts to pay for a murky past. Stuck in looping pain, being killed inches each day by this butcher. Sliced and diced by the what-ifs, wishing things remained as they once were. What if I could go back and fix them? Would I? Deceive me, please! Convince the impossible is plausible. I want… No, I don’t…

Closet-skeletons beg me to walk them back. Their carmine smeared door, a Pandora’s box, where the hacking continues in the slaughterhouse of my coddled self-pity. It’s a vicious cycle,
this vice of guilt.

Limericist, 2015/2021

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To Baggie, or Not to Baggie

down 7 or 8 steps to
the Murphy zone, she dips.
“Good Murphy-dog, I coo.”
Happen, a different outcome,
I say, “Good Murphy-dog, you
did your business. Good girl!”

Yes, I know I should be
a good human too. Do! When you
need to. If the outcome stinks,
oh well. The moral: the business
of living can be a nasty mess.
Murphy wiggle-waggles when
I praise her. But I still have to
bag it.

Okay, lemme see,
The Elements of Poetry – by me:
I tend to trample my tropes
and muddle my meter. I alliterate
illiterately. My iambic pentameters
tend to have 7 lame legs.
My rhyming is an untamed
1-dimensional shame.
I still don’t know what a meme is.
You can toss memes, It seems?

Okay. Truth be told. I don’t know
how to bag a poem.

Limericist, 2021

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He appeared near dawn,
to my shaking, closed eyes.
Somewhere between my un-waking,
his bright smile did not disguise.
This tall man looked very familiar,
his expression I used to see.
Until bitterness darkly clouded,
but now he looked very free.

He wanted to tell me that he won,
a true master of games, this guy.
Never gave up since his youth,
any game he’d fully apply.
He acted like nothing had happened,
to sully our fellowship sweet.
This appeared to me as surreal.
Words remained incomplete.

Tears I choked down in convulsion.
As I looked at this proud son of mine.
A father’s love he once thwarted,
I wanted to express my repine.
“You don’t know how badly you hurt me,”
I repeated over and over again.
All I wanted to do was embrace him.
I longed just to be his friend.

Then the loud alarm chirp awoke me
Wiping sleepy tears from my face.
The vision began to fill up,
and my questioning mind, to race.

Limericist, 2007

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That day poetry died. The muses
left because the artificial took over.
It used to be that poets stood firm,
sang their off-tune verse even if
kings and tyrants demanded their silence.
Their muses laughed in defiance.

But there wasn’t a need anymore. The spirit
pools were abandoned.

Thrumming prosthetics
and an unearthly shine hypnotized
ears and eyes sleepless and

The inner citadel became
desolate where the muses
once lived. A new drug dumbed
them down, insidious
and pervasive.

Some poets still sang,
but few could hear.
They lacked the receptors,
overstimulated &
already occupied.

That day poetry died.

Limericist, 2021

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Backdoor Becoming

A flaming blamer
can only

blame God
blame the year
blame the virus
blame the president
blame stormy weather
blame the process
blame the USA
blame Russia, China
blame Iran, Timbuktu
blame religion
blame monuments
blame laws
blame gays
blame guns
blame machines
blame global warming
blame injustice
blame the system
blame the creed
blame the police
blame stress
blame Karma
blame your parents
blame the authorities
blame the military
blame the terrorists
blame the extremists
blame the right-wing
blame the left-wing
blame the non-voters
blame the voters
blame culture
blame politics
blame ED
blame genetics
blame nihilists & anarchists
blame the white man
blame feminists
blame the ones who acted
blame the ones who didn’t act
blame the NRA
blame race
blame poets and philosophers
blame the ones who didn’t blame
blame the ones who did,

Do we imagine we
can design utopia this way?
The Religion of Revolt?
The Creed of Complaining?
Isn’t this another cockeyed
eugenic attempt?

But why blame anyone?
Why blame anything
other than
the unpredictability
of precarious living?

some pretentious
“I told you so!” hack
tries to use a tragedy
to advance their
ideological agendas
at the expense
of the dead?

Instead, remember
and embrace our shared
dying frail humanity
that is
so flawed
and destructive.

the hatred itself
that’s motivating many
the very thing what
we should blame?

I see signs saying
“Haters not welcome.”
Yet, isn’t hating haters
just being another?
Wasn’t blaming others
the self-justification
of the shooter?

Don’t forget,

We become
the worst of
what we hate
& blame.

Limericist, 2007/2021

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Mad Hatter

Reynold’s Wrap my head. 5G waves,
coast to coast, are frying my big fat
egg. Using my ring, I decode AM
transmissions from not-so alien
reptilians whose books fill my shelves.

The obelisk just showed up. Big bulbous
eyes in a pinhead paralyzed my reason.
Area 51 housed grays, I know it. Hillary
promised to give us the skinny. And
there was a firing squad at Dealy ’63.

I’m being clever. I chuckle at myself.
But I find more than ample reason
to wrap my head.


Limericist 2021

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What Is With?

Now is old
by thoughts.

Know some truth.
This is with you.
Still, it’s you
You with me:

Vacated, my mind
is full of
the best of me:
Now there’s nothing
that is none. And
only what is with.

Limericist, 2007/2021

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Posted by on January 7, 2021 in Poetry



We fell out, though
we were dear friends–
you refreshed me with
your blinding brilliance,
your crystal luminescence
white with possibility

Then we mingled numb-nosed
drippy smiles, your blessing
christening my hooded head
and provided opportunity
for brisk playfulness–
but something happened:
my bones no longer welcome
your advent, you chill me
to my core – so I rued
your flakey intrusions
forgetting the frolicking
fun with fireside afterglow
when our love climaxed
in front of a crackling fire
stirring boiling chocolate
until we would venture
out into your drifting
pleasures again

It is time
for reconciliation between
us, though I fear your
frozen honesty, I want
to ride on our friendship
as I did when my nose
froze red like Rudolph’s
and sugar-plum dreams
danced daily before my
wide-eyed enjoyment
of you, winter, with tongue
stuck out to catch
a snowflake

Limericist, 11/23/2007

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Rejected Null

I hear my head saying:
Could pain ever hurt more than mine does now?
Feelings of rejection conspire against Me.
By your turning eyes, I’m tempted
to side with you against me.

Why do you hate me?
You can’t even say hello without disgust.
You can’t say anything to me without
narrowing eyes and clenched teeth.
When you’re near, I desperately long
for a soft word, but your dark features
squash me like a spider, as if I’m

A creeping thing that should not exist.
Your hypnotic hatred tempts me to agree.
So, what’s the use?


So, so close. Yes, you came so very close
to hijacking my thoughts with yours.
But you’re just a ghost, a figment &
my life does not exist because of you.
Get out of my head! you liar!
Go back to Hell
      from whence you came.

Limericist, 2007/2021

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Georgia Haiku

Ripe peaches ready,
Pecan trees heavy with nuts,
Every vote will count.

Limericist, 2021

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Posted by on January 5, 2021 in Poetry