Jack’s House

27 Jan

say that
you’re unlucky in love
because you played it like
blackjack on the Vegas strip,
five-card stud with studs,  felt
the deck was stacked & reshuffled
enough to play those players, bluff
those big boys who conceal aces up
sleeves & shaved cards, those proud
Jacks who use naive Jills at their will
knowing how  to cut  imperious queens
of hearts into wee deuces and threes
you refused to wise up that you can’t
flim-flam when your soul’s tell stains
your sleeve — but you’ve become
a chancer, a sucker for the game
even when it cheapened you to
a bust who never caught on:
you’re playing the house’s
“table” where jokers
are always



Limericist, 2007

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Posted by on January 27, 2021 in Poetry


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