Almost Entered

26 Jan

O moon, why are you vain tonight?
inflated with yourself so bright
I walk this forest meadow lit
by your luminescent grin

You cause the trees to cast about
as giants stumble when they doubt
from shadow creatures thin and stout
the crickets make a din

I see a chanted castle grand
upon a misted hilltop stand
it’s stretching out a ghostly hand
that tempts me to come in

The vision dimmed, the nightshades grew
your swollen face turned black and blue
eclipsed your glare, I lost my view
the portal closed within

I groped along the stone-toothed road
now dark as muck, though once it glowed,
and felt as if I should have slowed
to wait for you again.


Limericist, 2008/2021

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Posted by on January 26, 2021 in About Me, Memoir, Poetry


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