Earth Child’s Prayer

19 Jan
Earth Child’s Prayer

Great Spirit, you fill all earth and sky with your presence.
We are your offspring, whom you produced for yourself.
You are Mother and Father to us.
We are only happy when we know ourselves to be your dear children here on earth.
You are being thanked, more and more, by those who have eyes to perceive and ears to understand.
Let your greatness enlighten the eyes of your people.
Let your children regard you, even as the eagle obeys the wind so it can ride the heavens.

Allow us a prosperous hunt today, so we may have sufficient supply for our children, old ones, and dogs.
Look on us with a Mother’s pity, because like obstinate children, we all err. We will also extend your compassion to all other fellow creatures.
Deter us from risking harmful trails, for we depend on you as our wise guide.
You are our friend to shield us from the rattlesnake, the bear, and the warrior.
We do not accuse these of the wicked spirits that misuse their bodies to injure us.
Set us free from the influence of their evil mischief.

Great Spirit, though we may not comprehend why many things happen, we know you are in loving control of everything we encounter. We, your earth children, put our full confidence in you, and thank you now. Amen


Limericist, 2007/2021

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