To Baggie, or Not to Baggie

14 Jan

down 7 or 8 steps to
the Murphy zone, she dips.
“Good Murphy-dog, I coo.”
Happen, a different outcome,
I say, “Good Murphy-dog, you
did your business. Good girl!”

Yes, I know I should be
a good human too. Do! When you
need to. If the outcome stinks,
oh well. The moral: the business
of living can be a nasty mess.
Murphy wiggle-waggles when
I praise her. But I still have to
bag it.

Okay, lemme see,
The Elements of Poetry – by me:
I tend to trample my tropes
and muddle my meter. I alliterate
illiterately. My iambic pentameters
tend to have 7 lame legs.
My rhyming is an untamed
1-dimensional shame.
I still don’t know what a meme is.
You can toss memes, It seems?

Okay. Truth be told. I don’t know
how to bag a poem.

Limericist, 2021

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