Bread of Life

12 Jan

You came down from above,
Gift of love, Sun of love.
You gave yourself for free,
On Calvary,
that gallows-tree.

The only life I’ve ever found,
was when you turned
my heart around.

I gave up everything to you,
gave you my present,
my future too,

I gave up all I am to you.
Just to love you,
Sun of Love.
Just to know you
Sun of Love.

You taught me how to love
by the Dove, by the Dove.
You chose to reach across,
suffered loss, paid the cost.

I learn to love, when I’m with you,
I choose to lay
my life down too.

Do you want to know,
He’s loving you so,
before your life’s all wasted?
May you discover today,
that for you, he did pay,
and longs to hear
you call upon his name.

I gave my everything to you,
I gave you my family,
my future too,
Yes, I’ve given up everything to you,
so I may love you, Sun of Love,
that I may know you,
Son of God.

Limericist, 2008

*Inspired by Bread: Everything I Own & John 3:16

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