11 Jan

He appeared near dawn,
to my shaking, closed eyes.
Somewhere between my un-waking,
his bright smile did not disguise.
This tall man looked very familiar,
his expression I used to see.
Until bitterness darkly clouded,
but now he looked very free.

He wanted to tell me that he won,
a true master of games, this guy.
Never gave up since his youth,
any game he’d fully apply.
He acted like nothing had happened,
to sully our fellowship sweet.
This appeared to me as surreal.
Words remained incomplete.

Tears I choked down in convulsion.
As I looked at this proud son of mine.
A father’s love he once thwarted,
I wanted to express my repine.
“You don’t know how badly you hurt me,”
I repeated over and over again.
All I wanted to do was embrace him.
I longed just to be his friend.

Then the loud alarm chirp awoke me
Wiping sleepy tears from my face.
The vision began to fill up,
and my questioning mind, to race.

Limericist, 2007

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