A Brave New World?

11 Jan

They irritate on purpose, scraping old injuries to become fresh wounds. The scars were healing. Physical characteristics are not what gives anyone dignity. “The content of a person’s character” is. Shades of skin color should never be the measure. Fighting for color diminishes the importance of character.

But their anti-religion is a lie worse than most archaic belief systems. They seek humans to become their own god. But which humans? They claim “the people,” but pay homage to a know-it-all oligarchy that dictates the content of their soon-to-be hive-mind. In their new world order, the individual is dangerous, outlawed. They can’t abide true diversity of ideas, accept what is allowed by those on high.

There’s always been evil philosophers and poets. In some countries, they were censored, silenced, banned, vilified, imprisoned, and even martyred. Whether their message was right or wrong was decided by a censorship board.

Poets are neither right nor wrong but disclose the oppressive nature of those that would censor and silence. Poets love to become outrageous just to snub the snouts of the smug.

True poets still do. Tell a poet he can’t say something, and a way will be found to say it.

What about evil poets and philosophers? Shouldn’t they be banned and gagged? Not if you believe in freedom. Even the ugliest hater should be allowed to puke their vile contents. Why? Because they expose their illness, which is easy to discern in the open. Muzzle them, and they become a virus that does far more damage. Human history repeats itself in this way.

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Posted by on January 11, 2021 in Essays, Poetry


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