Backdoor Becoming

10 Jan

A flaming blamer
can only

blame God
blame the year
blame the virus
blame the president
blame stormy weather
blame the process
blame the USA
blame Russia, China
blame Iran, Timbuktu
blame religion
blame monuments
blame laws
blame gays
blame guns
blame machines
blame global warming
blame injustice
blame the system
blame the creed
blame the police
blame stress
blame Karma
blame your parents
blame the authorities
blame the military
blame the terrorists
blame the extremists
blame the right-wing
blame the left-wing
blame the non-voters
blame the voters
blame culture
blame politics
blame ED
blame genetics
blame nihilists & anarchists
blame the white man
blame feminists
blame the ones who acted
blame the ones who didn’t act
blame the NRA
blame race
blame poets and philosophers
blame the ones who didn’t blame
blame the ones who did,

Do we imagine we
can design utopia this way?
The Religion of Revolt?
The Creed of Complaining?
Isn’t this another cockeyed
eugenic attempt?

But why blame anyone?
Why blame anything
other than
the unpredictability
of precarious living?

some pretentious
“I told you so!” hack
tries to use a tragedy
to advance their
ideological agendas
at the expense
of the dead?

Instead, remember
and embrace our shared
dying frail humanity
that is
so flawed
and destructive.

the hatred itself
that’s motivating many
the very thing what
we should blame?

I see signs saying
“Haters not welcome.”
Yet, isn’t hating haters
just being another?
Wasn’t blaming others
the self-justification
of the shooter?

Don’t forget,

We become
the worst of
what we hate
& blame.

Limericist, 2007/2021

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