07 Jan

We fell out, though
we were dear friends–
you refreshed me with
your blinding brilliance,
your crystal luminescence
white with possibility

Then we mingled numb-nosed
drippy smiles, your blessing
christening my hooded head
and provided opportunity
for brisk playfulness–
but something happened:
my bones no longer welcome
your advent, you chill me
to my core – so I rued
your flakey intrusions
forgetting the frolicking
fun with fireside afterglow
when our love climaxed
in front of a crackling fire
stirring boiling chocolate
until we would venture
out into your drifting
pleasures again

It is time
for reconciliation between
us, though I fear your
frozen honesty, I want
to ride on our friendship
as I did when my nose
froze red like Rudolph’s
and sugar-plum dreams
danced daily before my
wide-eyed enjoyment
of you, winter, with tongue
stuck out to catch
a snowflake

Limericist, 11/23/2007

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