Rejected Null

06 Jan

I hear my head saying:
Could pain ever hurt more than mine does now?
Feelings of rejection conspire against Me.
By your turning eyes, I’m tempted
to side with you against me.

Why do you hate me?
You can’t even say hello without disgust.
You can’t say anything to me without
narrowing eyes and clenched teeth.
When you’re near, I desperately long
for a soft word, but your dark features
squash me like a spider, as if I’m

A creeping thing that should not exist.
Your hypnotic hatred tempts me to agree.
So, what’s the use?


So, so close. Yes, you came so very close
to hijacking my thoughts with yours.
But you’re just a ghost, a figment &
my life does not exist because of you.
Get out of my head! you liar!
Go back to Hell
      from whence you came.

Limericist, 2007/2021

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