Met You Today For Italian

31 Dec

Met you today for Italian
And tried to explain:
“If a equals b & c equals d
Then ab equals cd — logical…
isn’t it?”

Shouldn’t we
Bow down to this? Yet,

what if:
“a + b = c
Then c minus b equals a– ?
Ah yes, packaging everything
nicely.” I think I’ve got it


So it follows: ??? (wait)
Red copulates with blue,
It must purple everything!?
Or black marry white,
Then has to be gray children!?

S0, So-So
Culture fenced,
Our linear conveyor-belt minds
produce robotic manikins.

History is
prejudiced shorthand symbols
tick-tickled with tired conceptual

Aren’t we
heroes and zeros?
Negatives + positives = light + dark?
So, if a saint has sex with a sinner, does
A hybrid saint/sinner mutation plop out?

Not! Maybe?

Get out the books! The measures!
The tape! The Law! Your morality!
Hammurabi! The Code! God-damned Politics!
Whose? Yours?
Mine? What? Why?

Look at the instant replay! Goggle it!

Why are
These battles are never won?
Never settled – NEVER – Why?


You have your book, I have mine.
You have your temple, Your practice,
Your tradition, Your elephant, Your cow,
Your crucifix, Your crescent moon, Your
Philosopher, Your Prophet, or maybe just

A Big

I have my lack of certainty,
My blessed skepticism…

My unknowing, but what if I have my tree?
And you, your sacred stone?
Or just questions? Sacred unholy

Once I was a, and not b,
fudging a concrete c… 
& an unbending conclusion
knifed me eating

Limericist, 2008

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