Circus Barker

29 Dec
Circus Barker

“Step right up. Step right up.
Ladies and Gents, Don’t jostle,
There is room for everyone to see. We have
A show for you. Yes, we do! Wouldn’t you
Like to see rare wonders from the
Exotic corners of the Earth? Step right up,
Behold the pandemic from the East bounding
From sea to shining sea. Its vampire bite
Will transform anyone into a bat-child. So
Look in wonder, terror, and horror – Parents
Cover the children’s eyes from this
Marvel of the unnatural. Mask your face
Wash your hands, and whatever you do,
Don’t touch anyone! Oh yes, concessions
Help us finance our show, so get your
Popcorn and candy from our daily
Sterilized vending machines. The kiddos
will just love to get our free pair of
Superhero rubber gloves.”

“Yes indeed, we have a show for you,
Something never been seen before.
Get your toilet-paper tickets before they
Run out. The cost is your job, livelihood,
And all your holiday family gatherings.
Boy, do we have a lock-down for you today!
Just watch those amazing stats climb. Maybe
You’re next? What? Did I hear someone say?
Your mask must’ve not worked? Well, you
Lapsed — We have our disclaimer,
So it’s all on you. What was that?
The tent is on fire? It’s what?”

Limericist 2020

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Posted by on December 29, 2020 in Poetry


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