22 Dec

Blinding circumstance often plays the trickster:
Consider the hissing cobra – strikes lightening
at the mongoose who knows, dodges, – waits
for that first strike, then clutches the reptile
on the back of its head with rodent pin fangs.
Consider the animosity perpetuated by wars
started by trigger-happy little hot-heads
who jump the gun saying ‘bombs-away,’
Consider the heartache sired by words
spat out like venom before the mind
was fully engaged: Broken noses,
missing teeth, families shredded,
lives shipwrecked in bitterness.
Yes, circumstance combined
with hasty-minded hubris
will trick both of us to
jump quickly to many
wrong conclusions
we will surely
smart for

Limericist 2008

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Posted by on December 22, 2020 in Poetry


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