The Sin-Eater

21 Dec

Arm of the Lord revealed,
The Person of Grief,
Rejected, overlooked, hated,
Mocked, bullied, & blamed.

Born to be the Sin-Eater,
The Curse-Carrier who bore
all our sin, all our failure, All our penalty,
all sickness and death. 4 you, & 4 me,

By whose once-shredded flesh
healing now flows
to all who are willing to look
at the likeness of

The Poled-Serpent, & Live.
The Sacrifice-Lamb foretold;
foreshadowed with ancient ceremonies,
both Substitute, & Surety,

Humanity’s One Proxy.
He’s the Satisfaction that brings Peace,
Settled once and for all.
*Taste & see! &

Stake your claim, 4
The Transaction is already accomplished,
Unrepeatable, done, Paid for.
and this I know – because
He’s here. He’s Smiling at me.

by Limericist 2007

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Posted by on December 21, 2020 in Poetry


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