Collision Course

21 Dec

God Bless America – Shaking.
Land of emerald forests Burning
Stars of phony bulbous tails,
Turquoise skies with jet trails
An atmosphere of industrial fog
acid rain & choking smog
While the Great Spirit sends
The US to the ends
to share and clasp

but not to grasp.
To extend a helping hand.
Playing friendships,
We send Warships!
(our brand?)

Slavery, The Trail, The Bomb
Of bondage, still freeing – undone,
Of our sins not seeing – struck dumb.
The love of bling, our thing
This Nation with unrepentant
chequered past, let’s sing(???)
or kneel repentant

God Bless America – Yes, because
Dollars rule with Fuzz.
Forgot “In God We Trust.”
Isn’t spelled “Gold,” or bust,
Opportunity for the oppressed,
By mercy alone, we’re Blessed!
Proud of our Evictions
A country with lost Convictions
Rejecting our own Diverse Unity
From Sea to deadly warming Sea
Let the new Healers redeem
Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and
Everyone in between …

America, Pietistic institutional
Jesus, our atheism cultural,
Fences of white-wash, unethical
America with kaleidoscope skin
Wondering who to put their faith in–
This land of the Unequal,
Opting 4 a better chance,
This Global-American Dance

Choosing a presidential Scapegoat
For evil, we will promote
By the One, we pretend,
Our superpowers Transcend
Complacent, we Judge,
The 45 shows our smudge.
Tensions of colliding ideas
We disagree to disagree,

O Sacred Discord of America
We deserve the gifted right,
To be different? Right?
By Politics, we R divided,
& Leaders R full collided
The Best is to respect
Not 2 dissect
4 All deserve The Chance
2 Dare, Dream, & Dance,
Becoming Them, You, & Me
This American Risk:
of Uncomfortable Diversity

Stripes blood-red and bright
Stars outlined with blue-white,
The departed ones who paid
Sacrificed their lives down-laid.
So I can live here, & write,
Without censorship’s lock-down blight
In America, the Paradox, not fiction
this Land of Colluding, Colliding, Contradiction.

by Limericist 2008

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    December 21, 2020 at 2:52 pm




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