It’s Time

20 Dec

sometimes the path is tangled
sometimes we can’t go on
sometimes the laughter falters
sometimes all hope is gone

sometimes prayer tastes like sawdust
sometimes the lights go dim
sometimes what is, is ugly
sometimes it’s to the brim

sometimes we think we have the answers
sometimes we think we know the way
sometimes our thoughts are crushed inside us
sometimes we’re led astray

sometimes I followed beauty
sometimes I chased a smile
sometimes I suffered greatly
sometimes I wept awhile

life is full of freak surprises
life is full of choice and change
from one degree – to another
from comfort to the strange

but without some risk, we stagnate
like a swamp without the rain
wishing things could’ve been different
because we wouldn’t face the pain

But “sometimes” is like tomorrow—
it’ll never, never come
more time cannot be borrowed,
Now, embrace the Father’s Son

by Limercist 2007

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Posted by on December 20, 2020 in Poetry


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