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I Am Limericist :)

I Am Limericist :)

There are billions of blogs, mine twinking in the anonymous fray of internet monotony. I write to air out. There is much to say. Thanks to everyone who reads my poetry blog.

Why do I use the nickname ‘limericist?’ I took it when I was on MySpace. What a season that was! I never did so much writing in my life. I let it all hang out. I was discovering my voice.

What does the word limericist mean? For some reason, it’s not in many dictionaries. Of course, it is someone who writes limericks. A limerick is often a bawdy rhyme. I like limericks that are catchy and have a kind of punch. I find my thinking gravitating to limericks. I write limericks like others write haiku. To craft a good limerick is a challenge.

I remember a short story written by Harlan Ellison called The Harlequin. In the story, a big timekeeping machine regulates everyone. Humans became like the machine that controlled them. The world’s leadership demanded uniformity. The hive-mind ruled.

The Harlequin is a story of civil disobedience by a person who pours colored jellybeans over everyone. He tries to encourage them to stop following the timekeeper in cringing lockstep. He shouts at them with a bullhorn. Of course, the timekeeper foreman called The TicktockMan commands the Harlequin to ‘repent ‘of his time-wasting ways. The Harlequin is a story of resistance to totalitarian authority. The way I use the meme of the limericist is similar. Conformity to anyone’s bullying opinion is not my cup of tea. I feel another limerick getting ready.


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