Brian Hodgkinson Jr (aka) Limericist

Brian Hodgkinson Jr (aka) Limericist

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Sleepy Hollow

Now is the time
to discern the rhyme
the primordial flow
Autumn's late glow
pumpkins in season
fiends with a reason
Halloween unhallowed
the time is now borrowed
a signature gravestone
followed by brimstone
the skull and the crossbones
mocking the jawbones

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Fall Haiku

Horse chestnuts thud down.
Crafty squirrels bury them
for a winter day.
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Airborne invaders charge the castle.
They seek to enter by the vents and ducts.
Chimera-like, they're
clothed with weaponized
suits of spiked armor.

At the first wave, the guards
push the mutants back
engaging the assailants only 
to be unequal to the task.
Lured into hand-to-hand,
the protectors become too busy
to prevent the surging barrage.
Plan B begins with the crisis units 
coming onto the scene.
These are skillful hunters
deployed when the first wave
of protection is overwhelmed 
and the rooms captured.

These soldiers possess the expertise
to track down and rub out the intruders.
The residues left behind by the terrorists
tip-off where they are hiding.

It's mortal combat but usually
the royal armed forces are triumphant,
but only if the grounds are properly
fortified in advance.

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Nothing New

I've given poetry a go,
getting mixed evaluations. 
An astute literary friend told me
that my poems sucked being too blunt, 
that good poetry 
should be teasingly oblique;

is childish if it rhymes; 
unimportant to be about anything reasonable.
(a la MacLeish's Ars Poetica)

I remember paintings done by chimps
splattering colors randomly like a Pollock.
"Zim zung zang, blah blah..." I can do the
same with sounds, I suppose, naming it
Dadaist poetry; 
(nothing unique about that);

let a machine randomize
verbs, nouns, articles with conjunctions;
& let consciousness float wherever. Etc...

I'll try something innovative: rhyme
and reason, with a smidgen of signature flavor.
If it sux, it sux. LOL -- I'll start
a new genre: Suxor Poetry.

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Blindsight 2020

None can realize civil rights
with civil injustices as King stalwartly
said. One's value in society
has nothing to do with melanin
or global origin but
the invisible person of the heart
showing up by behavior.

The emphasis on external physical features
reveals a superficial culture devolving
into barbarism. Yet, knowledge
is increasing as Daniel said it would:
Consider the dawning of AI 
and commuter space

Yet, a spiky micron ball
can hatch the world into
a frenzy with a darkened science pretending
to have an answer that is, at best, 
Such is the state of affairs 
into the 2020s.

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Of Gods and Humans

The pusher-man pronounces sentence
from the high and lofty elite gates
purchased on the backs 
of the so-called "lower classes."
After all, in their minds
we are all too stupid
to do the right things for ourselves,

The oligarchs must save us from ourselves.
Or rather, save themselves from us.
They attend galas and birthday parties
without protection, except from us.

Do we suppose that the folks
in those gated communities of wealth
and power -- the glitzy diva-gods and goddesses
are ascended avatars & more virtuous than 
the deplorable stupids that grovel 
on the ghetto middle-earth streets?
Are they correct?

When Captain Cook discovered the Big Island
of Hawaii, the Polynesians assumed he was a god.
They brought him treasures and worshiped him
until they saw the Captain eat a banana 
which caused them to whisper among
themselves because "the gods don't eat bananas."
X marks the spot near Kona where Cook
died a very human death.

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84 Groupthink

What shall it avail you
if you go viral all over the world
but losing self-respect?

What value is a popularity
on social media platforms
that only permit the opinion
of a preconceived algorithmic gatekeeper?

Does it make sense
that everyone must fall in,
marching in lockstep, or else be black-balled as
an enemy of an Orwellian consensus?

Now is the season for a new brand of lyric
to flame, bite, and name
regardless of fame.

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Ambrosia, Pink Lady, and Honey Crisp
flaunt ruby as harvest apples appear.

Stacked ears of corn on the cob
await shucking, boiling, salt & butter,
then the chattering-smile of front teeth.
Cleaning the cob a row at a time
will probably need a toothpick
or a fingernail. 

When the tooth fairy got my front
teeth at the age of six, my mom
would cut the corn from the cob
with a sharp knife. She called
them boxcars because the
strips of kernels resembled a train.

Mom has been gone for decades,
but her loving nearness is as fresh
as this late summer's end.

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A Gnawing Shame

Our administration left the dogs behind, persons
with more honor than they. Bomb-sniffing
hero-dogs who defended the lives of many
of our service people - just abandoned there---
with a regime known to curse dogs religiously. 
We've lost more
than the 13 by the careless ill-advised act of
our feckless leaders. I haven't told Murph
yet because I know she'll want to gnaw
a glute.

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Global Management

It's my body, and I'll die if I want to.

Smoking and drinking have not yet been
outlawed though my coughing neighbor
blows three packs a day & stresses everyone's
insurance premiums and an inefficient
health care system. 

illnesses are at a pandemic proportion
all based on people being allowed
to make their own sugary choices. 

authorities try to mandate forcibly on
an experimental concoction 
that hasn't had nearly
enough trials to be vetted appropriately.
Why? Because of fear-mongering
$ interests which go far beyond
a concern for public

The nanny-state
wants to sterilize you from
having any choice but theirs. 

After all, Bill wants to see
a reduction of the human population
to a much more manageable 
number - like a billion, while
refugees are flooding the borders
who are  being covertly bused 
into our cities without being vaccinated
or even tested.
(by the very entities
blazoning the pandemic panic). 

Globalism is now
on full display, creating a problem
then mandating itself as the savior
of the world.
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